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La Fornace offers its guests products from the farm estate and other products typical of the area.

All products are available for purchase.

UVAOur Vine

Merlot Umbria I.G.T


Wine made with select Merlot grape varieties.

Main organoleptic properties:

Color: bright ruby red with purple highlights

Fragrance: pleasantly winy, with typical notes of ripe plum, blueberry, blackberry and cherry.

Flavor: full, tasty, good body, harmonious with clear berry tones

Grape: Merlot 100%

Total alcohol by volume: 12,5° - 13°

Ageing: brief ripening in barriques and ageing in bottle

Goes well with: pasta in meat sauce, grilled read meat, grilled stew, game, cold meats and medium aged cheese

Best served at: 16°C - 18°C

Vino Novello


Wine of the latest vintage that has become a fixture every autumn (based on Italian law, this wine cannot be marketed before November 6).

Main organoleptic properties:

Color: intense ruby red

Fragrance: floral with a conspicuous presence of tropical fruit

Flavor: fruity, typical, with hints of blackberry and maraschino cherry, velvety and fresh

Total alcohol by volume: 12°C

Grape variety: Wine made with Sangiovese Merlot and Ciliegiolo grapes

Goes well with: A versatile wine, matches well with all dishes. The Novello also is excellent between meals, for accompanying a friendly chat. It should be served at 14 C°, should only be uncorked at serving time and should not be placed in the decanter.

Grechetto Umbro


Wine made with grapes of the Grechetto vineyards (85% minimum) and other Bacca Bianca varieties, typical of the region.

Main organoleptic properties:

Color: straw yellow tending to golden

Fragrance: characteristic, slightly winy, delicate and fruity with typical spiced nuances

Flavor: harmonious, almost full bodied, tendentially bitterish and fruity

Total alcohol by volume: 12° - 12,5°

Goes well with: hors d’œuvres of all kinds, fish, shellfish, white meat, pasta soups

Best served at: 10°C - 12°C

Sangiovese dell'Umbria


Wine made with select grapes from the Sangiovese vines (85% at least) and other Bacca Rossa varieties, typical of the region.

Main organoleptic properties:

Color: bright ruby red

Fragrance: typical winy with hints of blackberry

Flavor: dry, velvety, slightly tannic, good body

Total alcohol by volume: 12° - 12,5°

Goes well with: Pasta soup, fat fish, roast or oven-baked meat and fish, red meat not excessively succulent, mushrooms, lean cheese, etc.

Best served at: 18°C - 20°C


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This oil of an incomparable “Umbria” flavor is exclusively produced from olives growing in two olive groves on the Tordibetto hill, property of the Farm. The olives (MURARIOLO, LECCINO, FRANTOIANO) are cultivated organically. Pressing and bottling care of a small local olive press.

Directly extracted from olives with mechanical procedures only.

Available in 750 ml. and 500 ml. bottles or in 3 liter cans.

FARROOur Spelt



We have selected, among the many varieties on the market, this exceptional organic spelt from Ruscio-Monte Leone, which is renowned as "home of the Umbria spelt".

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